Bryars Spray Foam is a type of insulation that’s sprayed on-site and can be used to seal leaky areas in the home. It’s typically more expensive than other types of insulation, but can help homeowners save money on energy bills and avoid expensive repairs. Spray foam can be applied in attics, crawl spaces and rim joists in existing homes and framed walls in new construction. It can also be used to insulate pole barns, garages and other buildings.

Bryars Spray Foam Insulation: Efficiency Redefined

Professionals use specialized equipment called a “rig” that includes a mixing and spraying unit, and is kept at the right temperature to ensure consistency and proper expansion. They have a wealth of experience that helps them to achieve consistent coverage and excellent insulation performance, regardless of the size or complexity of a project. There are DIY kits available for people who want to tackle smaller projects independently, but achieving consistent coverage and precise expansion is challenging without a high level of skill and experience.

Closed and open cell spray foam start out as liquid chemicals, which must be mixed together on-site to form the insulation. Both are available in 55-gallon drums, and they differ slightly in density and product yield. The difference is similar to the difference between homemade and store-bought whipped cream. Closed cell foam has higher density, which makes it more expensive to produce than open cell foam.

Another factor that influences the cost of spray foam is the climate zone and project details. For example, closed-cell foam works best in above-grade applications, while open-cell is a good choice for below-grade applications. Bryars offers a non-toxic, soy-based, closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation known as HEATLOK SOY. This product is more eco-friendly than traditional polyurethane foam, because it reduces reliance on the world’s nonrenewable resources.

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