Whether you’re drinking coffee in your tent in the morning or sitting by the campfire with friends, a good camping mug will be with you every step of the way. Mugs for camping should be lightweight for packing and durable to handle whatever you might throw at it (or into it). It should also have a lid to keep bugs out of your drink and to keep heat in, and it should be easy to clean between uses so it stays ready for the next trip.

What type of mug is best?

Most of the camping mugs in this article are double-walled or vacuum-insulated, which will more effectively keep your drink hot or cold for longer than single-wall designs. If you prefer a single-wall design, some of the options below are made from stainless steel that has been coated in ceramic to provide an attractive and functional camping mug. The wide opening of some of these mugs also makes them useful as bowls for eating soup or oatmeal and can help with the weight reduction of your pack.

All of the mugs for camping here are designed to be lightweight, durable and attractive. Some of them are even available in several color options to suit your personal style. If you’re concerned about BPA, BPS or BPF, most of the mugs for camping here are free of these chemicals that may have negative effects on human hormones. If you’re interested in finding a more affordable option, check out RTIC’s camping mug, which is just as durable but costs less than most of the options here.

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