peterson locksmith tools

peterson locksmith tools  are some of the finest on the market. They are renowned for their durability and ergonomic plastic handles which have helped them carve out a revered niche in the lock picking industry. They are also responsible for many of the most popular pick set designs that exist today.

Using 420 stainless steel rather than softer 301 Cold Max or high-yield carbon, each pick in a Peterson set is designed to be strong enough to resist bending and deforming during regular use while maintaining their shape and functionality. Each pick has a large, ergonomic plastic handle that is molded directly onto it which greatly increases tactile feedback from the lock to your hands, and enhances your lock picking precision.

Mastering Lock Picking: The Key to Professional Success with Lock Pick Sets

Aside from being a fantastic value for your money, GSP stands for Government Steel Picks which means these picks are forged and tempered in the USA! They’re also made with a higher grade of metal than your typical 10-95 carbon steel, which makes them even tougher. The set is a good choice for beginners and professionals alike.

If you are looking to restock your toolbox or add some new tools to your arsenal, this collection of Peterson’s best picks and tools is an excellent place to start. From short hooks that can bypass a wide variety of locks to crowbars and re-pin tools, this is the perfect assortment for any professional or hobbyist locksmith. This set of specialized tools also includes the famous Peterson knife tool, a key-pick that is a must have for anyone working with combination locks.

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