specialist chemical resistant coatings

Many industrial equipment and production machinery operate in harsh and punishing operating environments. In order to perform safely and consistently, these machines require strong chemical resistant coatings that can withstand the effects of powerful solvents, acids, alkalis, salts and other substances. Without a properly applied coating, these chemicals can be absorbed by the substrate and cause corrosion, deterioration and contamination.

Specialist chemical resistant coatings offer a combination of strength, durability and longevity that is superior to epoxy and polyurethane coatings. They can also resist high temperatures and provide excellent impact resistance. The type of chemical to be repelled and the operating temperature are crucial factors in choosing the right coating.

Tailored Protection: Navigating the World of Specialized Chemical Resistant Coatings

Fluoropolymer-based coatings such as Halar ECTFE and Kynar FP are the ideal choice for chemical resistant applications. These high performance coatings are designed to withstand alkaline chemistries, hydrofluoric acid, sulphuric acid and ozone as well as having good thermal stability up to 150degC. They are used in the semiconductor and power industries for secondary containment linings, mat-reinforced coatings and other structures.

Epoxy and polyurethane-based systems provide a more affordable solution than fluoropolymers, but they are not recommended for environments with concentrated acid or concentrated salts. They are more susceptible to damage from chemicals if exposed to prolonged direct sunlight, and they are not as flexible or as abrasion resistant. A phenolic-based coating such as Novolac Vinyl Ester is ideal for these conditions. It is able to withstand 98% sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and transmission fluid, as well as gasoline, formaldehyde, phenol and other chemicals.

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