Tailored athlete  is the process of creating custom-made garments. It involves a range of techniques that may include altering fabric and making changes to the shape of the piece.

Generally, there are three types of tailored clothing: Made to Measure (MTM), Custom and Bespoke. Whether you choose a MTM suit, a custom or bespoke suit depends on your personal style and preferences.

MTM suits are made by adapting basic patterns to the body shape of the customer. This is less expensive than bespoke, which requires tailoring to each individual item of clothing.

Bespoke suits are designed by a bespoke tailor, who has decades of experience and is dedicated to the creation of a new pattern each time. The client is involved in every step of the process, from choosing a pattern and fabric to designing a specific look for the suit.

Tailored to Perfection: The Art and Science of Creating a Flawless Fit

Custom suits are also created by a bespoke tailor, but the pattern is unique to each client, taking into account their body shape and size. The tailor has many fittings over a period of two months and uses the client’s feedback to adjust the design as it progresses.

Tailored shirts are also custom-made and sized for each customer. They are similar to slim fit shirts, but have more allowance around the chest and arms.

The resulting shirt is more closely fitted to the body than a slim fit shirt, emulating the experience of visiting an actual tailor and offering more room for movement and comfort. However, they will not necessarily fit everyone’s body type and should be considered a specialised garment for people with a muscular build.

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